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Anh immigrated to the USA in 1989 after many failed attempts to reach the US over more than a decade.  She began her new life here at age 26, penniless initially living with her married sister.  In Viet Nam Anh taught math and English in a High School in Saigon, but upon arriving in California found she was not able to teach without additional schooling.  The practicality of the cost of educational choices resulted in Anh enrolling at San Jose Beauty College.

Working as a hairdresser in the daytime and weekends, and going to college at night while helping her three younger brothers through San Jose State University, was a challenge.  Anh graduated 1990 and went to work for 17 West Salon in downtown San Jose.   In 1997, she jumped at the chance acquire the salon out of near bankruptcy and became the sole owner. 

Anh Le Hodges

In 1999, the San Jose Downtown Development Agency helped to relocate many small businesses residing in older buildings in downtown including Anh’s salon. The City of San Jose provided funds for moving, building improvements, and business consulting for Anh’s new salon which she renamed Hair Color Salon.   After 19 years, Hair Color Salon remains at the same 2,000 square foot location on West Santa Clara Street in downtown San Jose providing a full service and retail salon with 10 employees.

Along the way, Anh married and remains happily living in Los Altos where she attends to their 20 chickens and extensive garden.  Anh has recently been actively involved in a drive to provide funding for a child in Viet Nam in need of extensive medical help.  Anh has also currently been under consideration for membership at the downtown Rotary Club under the sponsorship of Judge Marilyn Morgan, one of her long time clients. 

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