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Japanese Hair Straightening Testimonials

160 West Portola Ave. Los Altos 94022


Wed. thru Sat. 10am - 7pm

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Hair Color Salon - 160 W Portola Ave, Los Altos, CA 94022

Great Men's haircut and color experience

by HonestReviews101

October 06, 2011

If you care about your hair looking good and getting a perfect hair color job done, look no further than hair color salon. they will take you in and make you lo...

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Hair Color Salon - 160 W Portola Ave, Los Altos, CA 94022

Hair Color Salon

by Pomeroy

September 27, 2010

Anh does such a great job cutting my hair. Last week, a complete stranger came up to me and commented on my cute haircut saying that it framed my face perfectly...

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09/02/08 Top notch Hair Salon
by joyc3 at Citysearch
I have always been very choosy when it comes to hair care and dont just walk-in to any random hair salon unless I've done my research and read through reviews/testimonials about the place. And this salon I could definitely say is worth going to because Ann's team of experts will really take care of your hair.
I had my hair straigthened and colored and I am beyond satisfied with the result. Its been 4months now and my hair still straight and smooth. And today I'm coming back to get a hair cut and color. So to anyone who's new to the area, like me who's very skeptical about where to go, youll never regret trying out Hair Care Salon - the Best in Downtown San Jose.
Pros: Free Parking Validation, Cozy ambience, Hospitable Staff, Great hair products


by desaibaba at Citysearch
Hey guyz, I m Kunal Desai and here i m writin a review 4 Hair Colour Salon in which i first had my HAIR Straightened and then My Hair Coloured PERMANENTLY. I just found this place when i searched on internet as i was really serious 2 straighten and colour ma hair. Actually i visited many places and inquired about the rates and the quality of the work done from my different friends. out of 10 reviews i did approximately, 8 of them told me 2 go 4 Hair Colour Salon and today i feel that i've got my money worth.
All the ladies includin ANN r so comfortable with ya and simultaneously they work on ya hair so effortlessly that ya don't even feel that they r actually workin on ya hair. Also the Mastery of everybody includin ANN is awsome and the rates they take for colourin, straightenin r comparitively less than other competition in San Jose but at the same time the work done is not Halfhazard but worth ya each penny spent.
Also, one more thing i like about this place is that ya get the feelin like home once these ladies start the wrok. They r so calm and professional in their work that if ya spend 5 hours in the salon, ya'll feel like ya spend 5 mins. They talk with ya in the middle of the work but at the same time never distract from their job and that quality is the 1 which i like the best in this place. ANN specially is a Genius when it comes 2 hair colouring.
Also, this place is having good deals for regular customers like if ya recomend the place to your friends then ya can also get some discount on your next visit and likewise many other deals.
So i highly reccomend this place to the folks down there who want quality service and treatment with their hair and that too with good deals and prices.
Pros: Excellent Craftsmanship
Cons: Vietnamese Language Converstations Between Staff

12/21/07 Amazing Japanese Hair Straightening Results!
by anna_neyf at Citysearch
I have been struggling with my curly hair for years, spending hours straightening and damaging it daily. I finally decided to get it straightened and took a chance; spending quite a bit of money on my hair. This turned out to be one of the best decisions I?ve ever made. Vivian did an amazing job on my hair and the results were fantastic. It has been a couple of months since I got the Japanese hair straightening done and it still looks great right out of the shower (with a few touch ups here and there). The 7 hour experience was a pleasant one, and well worth the wait. I would recommend this to anybody.

09/27/07 Professional service with a smile!
by anarr at Citysearch
I was a bit tentative about straightening my hair but I must say that the professional attitude of Anh and her staff made me feel at ease right away.
During this long procedure Anh was meticulous about the various steps making sure that each step was done correctly and she paid great attention to detail.
The overall result was fabulous and I would highly recommend Anh and her salon to anyone looking for superior quality hair services.

09/25/07 Amazing Hair Results!!!!!
by misskatz at Citysearch
Going to the Hair Color Salon was the best experiance i have ever had in hair!!!! I went for Japanese Hair Straighting and Anh and her team exceeded my highest expectations for hair beauty and quality!!!!!! I still have beautiful, pin straight and simply AMAZING hair. They gave me a really cute hair cut too!!!!! i look much better than i used to and i spend almost no time doing my hair in the morning!!! More then ten people commented on my hair (positivily) when i went back to school the next day. Some one even said i looked like a model!!!!!!
i would very very very highly reccomand this to anyone ... this is now the ONLY place i will go to for hair!!!!!
Pros: location, amazing staff, beautiful hair, .... just about everything
Cons: none

09/25/07 Wonderful Japanese Hair Straightening Experience
by tasha42 at Citysearch
I was a bit nervous about getting my curly hair chemically straightened, especially since the price range for the Japanese straightening was so steep. However, I feel that I got great quality for the cost. I spent about 7 hours in the salon, but it barely felt like two. The stylists were friendly and sociable, and I had a great time. My hair is completely straight - it was a miraculous change - and I look forward to washing it just to see how straight it will be. All in all, a great experience, and I would definitely do it again! Highly recommended.
Pros: Friendly stylists, great atmosphere

04/02/07 SO IN LOVE WITH MY HAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by bvalencia4 at Citysearch
I was highly recommended by a family member to Hair Color Salon. I've been to many diffrent stylist but never as satisfied as I am now. I had an appointment with Anh for a hair consultation for the Japanese Hair Straightening, At first I was a little nervous considering my hair is very important to me. Anh made me feel really comfortable. Before I did the straightening my hair was thick and frizzy when it dried, I would always wear it up in a bun.Now it's beautiful and I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not only is it straight and shiny , but it looks natural as well. It's very easy to manage and style now. NO MORE FRIZZZZZ I've finally found my hair stylist. Thanks Anh you did a great job!
Pros: Many services provided

11/27/06 What a great bunch of people.  
by arafael at Citysearch
They always make my pampering sessions so much more enjoyable than the run of the mill salon. I had the Yuko Japanese hair straightening done over 6 months ago and still absolutely love the results. Born with very think wavy hair my daily styling ragmen was unreal prior to the straightening process. Now I?ve found that with as little as five minutes of primping I can achieve a polished professional look that lasts all day. Gone are the King Tut frizzy hair days. The humidity is no longer a factor and I don?t worry when rain is in the forecast. Thank you so much, Anh, I'm still love'n the results!
Pros: Professional Friendly Staff, Fantastic Results
Cons: Parking