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Do You Love Fashion Shows???

This summer on June 13th 2008, Hair Color Salon was chosen as the Salon of Downtown to do Hair and Makeup for the Fashion Models in the Fashion Show that took place at the crown plaza hotel.

This charitable event happened because of people like owner Anh Hodges who donated her time and others like Award Winning Winery Founder David Mirrassou, we were able to raise money for HS kids by making this Dream Fashion Show come true.

Thanks to Business Manager Angela who coordinated and managed a team of award winning stylists, makeup artists, facialists and thanks to Anh Le Hodges who closed the salon for one whole day to give the Models the REJUVINATION DAY mixed with BEAUTY of their life. Besides the fun it was to have a group of fashion model-divas being all dressed up and made up live at Hair Color Salon, we had professional photographers that were reporting the event live all the way from our salon straight to the Fashion Show.

Special thanks to Hair Color Salon Team:

Hair team - Anh Le Hodges and Tanjay
Makeup - Angela Frenkel
Facialist - Kim
Eye Brow Sculpting - Olga Ortmann
Nails - Vicky
Lunch for the models was sponsored by Morroccos Restaurant

"Our talented Stylist and Designers; I don't know how you do it! The Hair Color Salon was superb in their creativity, discipline and patience with us, while turning out individual styling's and treatments that really made each Model shine even brighter. The HCS Staff showered our girls with a pampering any Model would be envious of! Thank you, thank you, thank you! To Anh, Angel and every staff member!"