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Hair Extensions


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For more than 17 years, Hair Color Salon has been creating unique hair designs by blending multi-colors of natural human hair extensions to existing hair to create a believable, more beautiful you. As the top hairdressers, extension Specialists and Japanese Hair straightening Specialists in San Jose, our reputation and experience is unsurpassed. We exclusively use HAIRDREAMS technology, the world's leading hair extension system.
We are excited about Hair dreams hair extension systems. The extension hair strands are bonded together in a flat bond then fused with a thermal process to individual hair strands on your head. The bonding material is called Thermoplastic. The bonding formulation is geared to mimic the hair shaft so that it will be extremely durable. The bond is applied to your hair strands approximately an inch or more away from the scalp. This is done to keep the natural hair movement. As well as creating less stress on the root of the hair shaft and your scalp. This is why the fusion method is becoming increasingly more popular.

The Hair Extension Industry is the fastest growing service in the cosmetology field. No longer do extension applications take 10-12 hours, but now with advanced application methods, anyone can have extensions in under 3 hours. Have the Glamorous Length and Fabulous Volume you have always wanted to create your new sexy style.

What do I do first?

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Have you ever desired a long, gorgeous, sexy mane of hair and thought you could never achieve it without plenty of money and time.
  2. Is your hair thin and lacking volume?
  3. Is your hair damaged due to over processing or constant use of hot appliances and chemicals?
  4. Have you experienced a bad hair cut?
  5. Does your hair grow extremely slow or may be not at all?
  6. Are you looking to completely change your look?

If you answered yes to some or all of these questions, then hair extensions could be a great option for you - "Because beautiful hair doesn’t just happen" us today at or email at:

Hair Color Salon (408) 661-2055

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Hair extension $700 & up for full head (service fee + cost of the hair)

Hair extension
Full Head$ 700 to $900 plus cost of hair
1/2 Head$400 plus cost of hair
1/4 Head
For fullness (2-3 Rows)
$150 plus cost of hair
Just Pieces
Up to 20 pieces
$10 per piece