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Japanese Hair Straightening

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The Technology Behind YUKO
The combined effect of specially formulated water used in all YUKO products and our original hair iron is the secret of this innovative, chemically proven Hair-Straightening System patented in the U.S. and other countries. It goes without saying that healthy straight hair is the basis for creating beautiful designs and styles. YUKO is the first step in achieving the hairstyle you've always wanted.

The Patented Japanese Hair Straightening System Created by YUKO


A Revelation in Quality
No matter how curly, unruly or color-treated your hair is, YUKO will re-texturize your hair and create the result you've always wanted!

YUKO Hair Straightening System is a patented method, also known as Japanese Hair Straightening or thermal reconditioning. Widely recognized around the world, YUKO continues to be the leading brand in hair straightening that gives you low-maintenance, hassle-free straight hair with the natural shine and silkiness restored. You'll see it in the quality of the results!

What to Expect

A thorough hair analysis ensures the right choice of chemicals and processing time.
The primer replenishes your hair with essential nutrients and prepares the hair for processing.
Application of this solution completely relaxes your hair.
Our specially designed iron not only straightens but also revives the tresses.
The last step for your newly treated hair. Now your hair is ready for the final touch.


Maintaining Your Hair after YUKO Straightening

Lock in Color Shampoo / TreatmentPhiten Bella Shampoo / Treatment
After a YUKO hair straightening service, we recommend the use of our home care products to maintain your hair healthy and vibrant.
KOKORO G Shampoo / TreatmentCLEANSING Shampoo
Our home care products are made with Aqua Gold and perfect for all hair types. Please refer to our Home Care Tips for information on daily care at your home.


Q: Does YUKO hair straightening work on any type of hair?
A: Yes, YUKO can be applied to any hair type. When you decide to get the YUKO treatment, first consult a stylist with the skill and experience in YUKO hair straightening and ask any questions you may have.
Q: Do I need to have a certain length of hair for YUKO hair straightening?
A: YUKO hair straightening can be applied to hair longer than 5 cm.
Q: How long does the YUKO hair straightening process take?
A: Three to four hours, depending on the hair type, length and degree of damage.
Q: Will the treatment damage my hair?
A: The YUKO process is not just about hair straightening, it also re-texturizes your hair to a healthy glow. Correct application by a trained and experienced stylist will give you the results you desire. Make sure you consult a stylist experienced in YUKO hair straightening if you have any concerns.
Q: Can I do YUKO hair straightening and coloring at the same time?
A: We don’t recommend applying YUKO hair straightening and coloring at the same time. Color your hair at least two weeks before or after the straightening procedure. Applying both chemical treatments simultaneously will result in hair damage, so do them separately to avoid undesirable results.
Q: Can I color or perm my hair when it’s already been processed with YUKO?
A: You can style your hair in any way you want, but wait at least two weeks before doing so.
Q: I have used other hair-straightening systems before. Can I still try YUKO?
A: If the previous hair straightening procedure used ammonium thioglycolate, applying YUKO will not cause a problem. However, the YUKO process may not work fully if the hair is badly damaged. If sodium hydroxide or lye-based relaxers was used, we do not recommend getting your hair straightened with YUKO except on new growth only.
Q: How long will the effects of YUKO last?
A: Basically, the hair that is treated with YUKO will remain straight almost permanently. However, new hair will grow according to its natural texture. We recommend that you receive YUKO touch-ups every 4 to 6 months, but the interval will vary depending on your natural hair texture and how quickly your hair grows. Please consult your nearest YUKO hair straightening specialist.

What is Japanese Hair Straightening?

An innovative new technique from Japan to eliminate frizz, remove curl and wave while preserving the condition of the hair, Japanese Hair Straightening (also known as Thermal Reconditioning, Thermal Reconstructing or Straight Permanent) has satisfied customers around the world. The Japanese Straightening Method improves the softness, lightness (less volume) and shine of your hair when straightened by an experienced stylist using specialized straightening products. After this procedure, hair is straight, silky and shiny, and it even stays manageable in humidity and during a workout.

Now your dreams can come true with Anh’s skills, technique and knowledge of permanent hair products.

Once you experience the ease of styling you'll never go back to blow drying your hair straight every morning. When you have straightened your hair, your hair becomes without curl, staying permanently straight until you get regrowth. To style your straightened hair all you do is blow dry or air dry your hair and smooth out with a flat iron for silky shiny hair. A 18-year specialist in "Hair Straightening" creates silky, shiny results from even the most damaged hair, Anh specializes in using the Yuko System as well as with CHI system.

Anh has worked on hundreds of clients with unmanageable hair, expertly analyzing their needs and creating the permanent straight hair they desire Anh is not only superbly skilled in giving her clients straight hair, but also sincerely dedicated to her clients. She consults with each one, taking the time to explain the process and answer any questions or concerns they might have. She even continually supports her clients through follow-ups via email and phone.


Battling with unruly wavy hair? Morning routines need to be pared way back and don't have 30 minutes to spend blow drying hair straight? Well, here got some solutions for you......

Regardless of the reason why you want to have your hair straightened, it is important that you start by understanding that you will be having strong chemicals applied to your hair and if not done right, permanent damage could be done.

We would highly recommend you go one-step further and have a professional do the straightening for you! Keep in mind that when hair has been chemically straightening hair, it typically requires special care to ensure the hair does not dry out.

When straighten the frizzy hair, most of the anti-frizz styling products out there work very well but not without the aid of good styling tools (meaning high heat) and the right brushes (soft but firm bristles). Yet even after all of that, if there is any humidity in the air, none of this will work to keep hair smooth.

Basically what this service does is breaks down the hair to take a new shape (straight). This is achieved by first perming the hair and then setting the straight hair with a flat iron. This service is a specialty and only achieves the best results from a stylist who takes their time to do this correctly.

The Japanese Thermal Hair Straightening process generally takes 6 hours but can take longer, depending on hair type, length, and thickness, so the price will vary from client to client.

Japanese Hair Straightening is a new development in hair care.

It's a fairly revolutionary way for people with troublesome curly hair to have straight hair and is designed primarily for Caucasian hair. So, does it work for everybody? Yes, to varying degrees. The tighter your natural curl is, the less dramatic the result is. However, in almost all cases the result is such that hair is far more manageable and controllable, even African and Asian hair. And how long does Japanese hair straightening last? It's depending on your hair type, the tightness of your natural curl, and hair length, the out growth will need to be treated in six to nine months. In other words, it's twice a year.

Japanese Hair Straightening was developed in Japan ten years ago. It not only straightens the hair but counters humidity and its effects on hair -- namely frizziness and extra volume.

Not everyone is suitable for the treatment. Before the process, a pre-test to the health of the scalp and the appropriateness of the hair is needed.

The procedure usually lasts about 7 months and the cost varies from $400 to $700. People with very long hair can expect to pay considerably above that price range.

Have a free lunch followed by a nap while we are doing your 6 hour Japanese hair straightening. You will have fabulous, silky, straight hair in no time.


Anh is one of the master stylists at Hair Color Salon. She is constantly educating herself in hair cutting, hair coloring, and specialty Japanese hair straightening to give you the best look. She attends hair shows every year to learn new techniques to provide great services and great looks for her clients. Here are some photos of examples of her client's hair straightening results.
What is Japanese Thermal Hair Straightening?

Japanese Thermal Hair Straightening (also called thermal reconstructing, or thermal reconditioning) is a chemical service that incorporates Japanese technology to make even the curliest hair permanently pin straight and mirror shiny. For those of you who are tired of the lengthy morning ritual of straightening your hair, this service is for you! The service is ideal for anyone with hair that is naturally curly, kinky, frizzy, highly textured, colored, permed, or even relaxed.

Basically what this service does is breaks down the hair to take a new shape (straight). This is achieved by first perming the hair and then setting the straight hair with a flat iron. This service is a specialty and only achieves the best results from a stylist who takes their time to do this correctly.
The Japanese Thermal Hair Straightening process generally takes 6 hours but can take longer, depending on hair type, length, and thickness, so the price will vary from client to client.















Things You Can Do The First 2 Days

Initially there are some precautionary steps to take to ensure the best straightening possible.

·   You do want to wear your hair down for at least 2 days to allow the product to settle in your hair.

·         Do use a blow dryer or flatiron as needed, (in case hair gets wet during the first two days.)



Things Not To Do For The First 2 Days

·         Don't wash your hair for the first time.

·         Do not tie your hair into a ponytail.

·         Do not use hair clips.

·         Do not place your hair behind your ears.

·         Do not exercise or sweat.

·         Do not use hair bands.

·         Do not use your glasses to hold your hair back.

·         Do not use sprays, gel or mousses.


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